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A company functions well when everything is in place. Tasks are clearly allocated, it is clear who is responsible for what and there are no communication problems. But how do you keep this under control? With our app, organising your work is easier than ever.

Why is business management software useful?

A company can still be managed by traditional methods, but it requires much more effort, there is a greater risk of error and there is not that certainty that important information will reach the right people in time. With the FaciliTime™ app, this worry is gone, as it is a tool that not only guarantees efficient service management, but also serves to communicate with employees. Sending notes and notifications, setting alerts, changes in the work schedule – all this can be realised in real time with the help of our application.

With FaciliTime™, planning the schedule and creating new jobs is much easier, as the application automatically takes into account important data, practical templates can be used, and there is quick access to price lists, warehouse, vehicle fleet and necessary documents. The platform provides comfortable management of jobs and at any time it is possible to check whether the execution of a task is going according to plan.

Is it worth investing in a specialized software?

Cost optimisation is a challenge for any company. However, it is not a matter of cutting all expenses, but of doing it wisely, and the right business management software helps with this. The platform we have developed collects a range of useful data on the basis of which beneficial innovations can be made. The application keeps a complete record of communication with customers and a detailed history of orders, and reacts immediately to changes that could affect the progress of planned work.

The programme helps to determine the most favourable routes for the company’s fleet of vehicles, which translates into increased productivity, punctuality and significant savings. Employees are in constant contact with each other so that they do not unnecessarily perform the same duties, and if they have a problem completing their order, it is possible to react immediately, without waiting for it to turn into a more serious crisis.

The app will work anywhere

The great advantage of our platform is that it is tailored to the needs of a specific company. FaciliTime™ is ideal as a modern service programme because it focuses on the details – you can choose a version dedicated to your chosen industry. Our app takes into account the specific needs of service and maintenance companies, while being intuitive to use and installable on any mobile device. We also ensure that we provide our users with the necessary programme updates.

Included in the application is access to a CRM, an extensive work order management system, and smart features to improve business efficiency. The programme also includes a system for field staff, who gain access to tools such as signature capture, navigation, bill images and an option to quickly record expenses.


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