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Is it worth investing in more expensive job management software?

The implementation of a modern company management system is quite a significant expense and the need to make significant changes to the existing business. However, it is an investment that brings a lot of benefits to the company if only the right solution is chosen. What are the characteristics of a good business management programme?

Does it pay to invest in professional software?

A free app will not pass the test in the long run, as it only provides access to these basic functions, and this is not enough for the company to actually see a significant increase in productivity. There are many more functions in a professional management programme, and the app

FaciliTime™ is additionally made available in different versions, adapted to the specific industry. The advantage of such a solution is that the options available in the system take into account all relevant issues related to the execution of orders, such as car inspections, health and safety, certificates, employee authorisations.

The application is designed in such a way that new tasks can be planned quickly, their progress supervised and budgets optimised. The application can also be installed on mobile devices, so efficient communication with field staff and drivers is ensured.

Implementing the right software can increase a company’s profits by up to several tens of per cent, which shows that the costs associated with purchasing a more expensive system will pay off in the long term, and the company will grow dynamically and gain a stronger position in the market.

What to look for when choosing a job management software?

A high price is not the only indicator that an application will actually work. When choosing a programme, pay attention to whether it can be integrated with popular providers such as Google and Microsoft, the availability of updates, and whether it is intuitive and comfortable to use – modern solutions are of little use if employees do not know how to use them. When it comes to features, it is not so much the number of features that is important, but rather that they are tailored to the needs of the company, as it is not worth paying for features that will not be used later anyway. A good practice is demo versions – you can test the FaciliTime™ application for free and see how it will improve the work of the whole company.

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