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Plan and manage jobs

Smart planning assistant

To get the right resource to the right place every time, the FaciliTime system helps bypass constraints such as time, tools required and vehicle attributes. Create new orders and deadlines, then assign them to your staff or send them directly to vehicles.

Our planning assistant will guide you to the ideal resource for each task

Include location, traffic information, work restrictions and vehicle type

Real-time information

React quickly and optimise travel distance

Lower costs, faster deployment of resources and reduced velocity due to correct task distribution

Improve productivity

Optimise orders according to customer requirements

Increase your profit by minimising travel time and overall ‘cost of service’.

Manage unscheduled jobs

Create rules for unscheduled tasks and automatically assign them to custom categories.

Prices, rates and price tables

Customised pricing models for each job type, with customer-specific pricing and assessment tables.

Build templates with ease

Create step-by-step workflows that commit to action against standard processes

Capture customised information such as images, barcode scanning and text

Accelerate data capture with optical character recognition

Instantly create and share electronic certificates, reports and worksheets

Save time, boost productivity

Easily create recurring job orders with different time frames

Keep your office and field team informed by attaching files and photos to assignments

Create jobs for subcontractors

Allocate and track multiple resources within a single job

Multiple ways of viewing jobs make it easy to track progress in real time

User-friendly drag-and-drop interface

Job alerts with specific service level agreements

A detailed audit trail analyses each action to obtain a complete record of the job


Support your employees and strengthen customer relationships!


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Boost financial performance, control operations in real-time and get more glowing customer reviews when you run your business on the complete Job Management Platform.


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