FaciliTime™ – FaciliTime Job Management System


A single platform that connects your office, fleet,
mobile employees and your customers in perfect harmony.

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All in one Job Management System

FaciliTime™ is easy to use Job Management software that lets you plan, manage, schedule, quote & invoice.

A single platform that connects your office, fleet, mobile workers and your customers in perfect harmony.

Field work under control

Total synchronisation of field activities with office planning.


Quickly check the location of your fleet and technicians.


Enter data on skills and certificates acquired.


With alerts, you can have your hand on the pulse.


Plan and send orders quickly. Create order descriptions and checklists.


In-app chat allows rapid data flow between employees


Manage all vehicle fleet data, assets and equipment

A good business idea is the first step to success.

The second is execution. Little use will come of creativity if employees do not know exactly what needs to be done, where, when and how. This shows how important efficient management is to the success of a company, and this is where we offer valuable support.

What are the main advantages of the management programme?

In our app, you can quickly and easily prepare a work schedule with clearly defined goals and priorities. The app reminds you of important deadlines, so there is no risk of the most important things being put off to the last minute. The programme also serves as a convenient communication tool and stores all conversations held.

In the application, it is possible to track the progress of orders, view reports, add new photos, documents and drafts. By having a constant overview of your company’s operations, you can react quickly to problems that arise, thus avoiding major consequences, large expenses or even the loss of an important customer. The application is personalised, tailored precisely to the needs of the company in question, so you avoid unnecessary functions and at the same time gain access to tools that are actually useful for the efficient management of orders.

Our business management application helps you increase productivity and reduce unnecessary costs. Thanks to FaciliTime™, unnecessary downtime, duplication of duties, unnecessary trips or pointless tasks can be avoided. Instead, productivity increases and the business owner has access to all documents at all times and can continuously monitor the work of the entire staff.

Our team is constantly working on improving the app and every FaciliTime™ user can count on software updates and new additional tools. What’s more, the app allows for mobile management of your business – you can access all your resources from anywhere, you just need to download the app to your smartphone or other mobile device.

Why is the app a good solution?

The advantage of the app is that it is not just a control function. It is also used to communicate with employees and customers, to take notes, plan and share information. There is simply everything in one place, which avoids the unpleasant surprises that often result precisely from ignorance or the need to use several different tools that are not synchronised with each other.

Our business software makes it easy to coordinate tasks and the employees themselves can also keep track of other people’s progress, simply by giving them the appropriate permissions. Sentence status changed? Suddenly a new order pops up? An instant change of plans is required? The app takes these updates into account in real time and notifications go straight to everyone involved.

Traditional project management methods require more effort and time, it is easy to overlook important details along the way, and staff may struggle to meet deadlines because they receive important information too late.


Support your employees and strengthen customer relationships!


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