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At the heart of FaciliTime™ is our mobile app for employees. It seamlessly connects office and mobile workers, providing a complete view of every job, from quotations to invoicing. The app can also include customized workflows, certificates and all the other documents you would normally need.

With FaciliTime™, it is easy to plan, manage, schedule and track mobile workforce and transport operations.

Call handling and CRM

Manage and grow your customer base with our fully integrated CRM. Providing instant access to customer data, easy case management and automated templates.

Sales and marketing

Increase your sales activity with full visibility of your team’s sales funnels, complete reports

Plan and dispatch

Manage all orders with ease and use our intelligent Scheduling Assistant, allocate hundreds of orders at a time to the employees who best fit the parameters.

The FaciliTime network

The FaciliTime™ network is a seamless way to connect with other businesses using our system. With a common technology platform, you can expand your collective reach and explore new business opportunities.

Customer portal

The FaciliTasker™ portal will make your clients feel in control – with easy job booking, live job progress and full access to previous work data, including job sheets and invoices.

Jobs and worksheets

With FaciliTime™, your employees can follow your company’s customised workflow and handle all relevant certificates and documents on screen – sharing everything with the office and clients in real time. Zero paperwork, zero hassle.

Messages & navigation

Your office and mobile teams can stay fully connected at all times. Share news and updates via our FaciliTime™ app-as well as navigation tips to know exactly where to find your next job.

Safety and health at work

With in-depth data on driver behaviour, online risk assessments and method descriptions, as well as alerts on ‘responses at risk’, FaciliTime™ covers the health and safety of your team.


Our Alert Wizard makes it easy to set up alerts across the FaciliTime™ system. It covers important daily activities including vehicle traffic, work status and ETA notifications for you and your customers via email, SMS and pop-ups.

Discover the difference FaciliTime™ can make to your business

Warehouse and assets

Get real-time data on the level and location of your stock; as well as full equipment history and the ability to assign stock directly to orders.

Live tracking

See your entire operation at a glance with live streaming of all field teams via wired or plug-and-go vehicle tracking.

Fleet management

Securely manage fleet data across all vehicles, trailers, assets and equipment. Eliminate many of the risks associated with vehicle investment and daily operations.


Have the ability to create financial documents quickly. Generate and share invoices, quotes, estimates, purchase orders and credit notes in seconds. Add costs to order types and the system can automate the generation and sending of invoices to your customers.

Time sheet

Live tracking gives you a complete picture of your team’s working hours from the moment they log in until they start working. To show expenses, your mobile workers simply take a picture of the bill and click a few details. Easy.


Our system generates standard reports containing on-demand insights and key KPIs needed to manage the business. Reports are generated from current data and can be viewed live or scheduled to run automatically and sent to internal or external customers.


Support your employees and strengthen customer relationships!


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