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Software for the service – what to look out for?

Software for service – how to choose?

If you are running a business and want to grow quickly, at some point it is worth considering an application that will assist you in your management and, thanks to its intelligent features, save you time and increase your productivity. There are service management programmes on the market today, and the choice is growing every year How do you choose a programme that will meet your needs and become your most effective assistant? 

Your company’s needs

Before you start looking at the service management programmes available, you need to identify the areas of the business you want to improve and answer your service-related questions:

  • What budget can you allocate to purchase the programme?
  • What equipment do your service technicians work on and how much time will you need to implement the programme and teach your team how to use the application. Will you need to invest in new equipment for your staff?
  • How comprehensive a programme do you need? What areas of the business do you want to improve – customer relations, order control or stock levels?
  • How do service technicians find out about orders or how do customers report faults?
  • What is the internet coverage in the area where your service technicians work?
  • Is the number of orders increasing and do you plan to grow the business?
  • What do you care most about when choosing software – a test period, support from service technicians or efficient technical service?

Are there any constraints that may affect the choice of programme such as: the crew are reluctant to use the application; there may be problems with internet access in the area where service technicians work; you have a limited budget and plan to start with basic functions.

This stage is one of the most important and it is worth taking the time to analyse every aspect of the business. If your business is growing rapidly in many areas, it is worth considering a comprehensive programme that, for example, you can test for free for a week. This will save you time and you won’t be looking for more software in a few months’ time.

However, if your company has already reached a certain stage of development and you would like to focus on increasing profitability and building a loyal customer base, in this case you should look for programmes with a strong CRM module, with the help of which you can improve communication with customers, store order history and build an attractive loyalty programme.

Every company’s situation is individual, and these two examples show how different the needs of services are.

Technical matters

Mobile applications or software are designed to make your business run more smoothly. Avoid software that will require money, time or a high level of staff involvement to install.

A good software programme for a service should integrate easily with the most popular providers such as Microsoft or Google, work efficiently regardless of the device, be intuitive and be able to be handled by your current and future employees and even trainees.

Make sure how often the software is updated and enhanced with new modules. Choosing and purchasing software takes time; after all, wouldn’t you want to return to this stage in a few years’ time because the application has become unusable and outdated?

It is worth checking whether the programme for the site can be personalised and whether it meets your expectations in this respect, and whether such a solution is at an additional cost.
It is now becoming common practice on the market to arrange demonstrations or a free trial period for the software. Take advantage of such an opportunity, as you will additionally convince yourself that your choice is the right one.

Programme for the service – what else to look out for?

The price of the software – is one of the most important factors in making a choice. For some services, complex and more expensive applications will not do the job and it is more sensible to choose cheaper software.

For other companies, complex and more expensive solutions are the most cost-effective. When contacting a service software supplier, it is worth asking about discounts, loyalty programme and other benefits of the purchase.

Looking after the confidentiality of your data is an important aspect of your business, which must comply with all government and EU requirements. Find out how your company and customer data will be stored and what safeguards have been implemented.

Choosing the right software for your service requires time and analysis. However, by choosing the right software, it effectively optimises the service’s operation, control of employees and resources, thereby increasing the service’s profit. Make an appointment for a free presentation today and see how FaciliTime will improve your business

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